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CNN Segment On Libya Titled ‘The New World Order’

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Middle Class Americans Rise Up


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Gerald Celente on Libya and the Economy


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You Tube Admits To Freezing View Count On Biden Impeachment Video

By both Biden’s and Obama’s own admissions, they should be removed from office

Steve Watson
March 23, 2011

Youtube has admitted to freezing the viewcount on a viral video of Vice President Joe Biden that highlights the hypocrisy of the Obama administration as it engages in military aggression against Libya.

The video (below) dates from 2007 and shows Biden, then preparing for a presidential run, appearing on the Chris Matthews show on MSNBC.

In the video Biden is asked if he sticks by comments that bombing Iranian interests without Congressional approval would be an impeachable offense, to which he replies he absolutely does.

The video was posted at the top of The Drudge Report earlier today, a website that conservatively receives 36 million visits per day, making it the most highly ranked news website on the web.

Under the headline Could Obama be Impeached over Libya? Let’s ask Biden, the video has been drawing thousands of hits as viewers have drawn the comparison to the subversion of Congressional authority by Biden and Obama via US involvement in UN sanctioned attacks on pro-Gaddafi forces and buildings.

While such activity would normally send the video to the top of searches and to the front pages of, where many millions more would see it, the viewcount on the video is stuck firmly at just 301 views.

(SEE FULL ARTICLE) >>>  YouTube releases statement to CNS News on view counts

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