How killing Libyans became a moral imperative

26 Mar

(Selection from Patrick Buchanan’s article below)

Until the modern era, the idea of sending armed forces across oceans to kill and die for moral or humanitarian causes would have been seen as an insult to the Founding Fathers, an abandonment of a vital American tradition and ruinous to the national interest.

Why are we in Libya? Why are U.S. pilotsbombingand killing Libyan soldiers who have done nothing to us?

These soldiers are simply doing their sworn duty to protect their country from attack and defend the only government they have known from what they are told is an insurgency backed by al-Qaida and supported by Western powers after their country’s oil.

Why did Obama launch this unconstitutional war?

Moral, humanitarian and ideological reasons. ThoughRobert Gatesand the Pentagon had thrown ice water on the idea of intervening in a third war in the Islamic world – in asandboxon the northern coast of Africa – Obama somersaulted and ordered the attack, for three reasons
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