Time to impeach Obama, pull his Nobel Prize, and elect a non-interventionist

24 Mar

21 March, 2011, 17:55

Obama’s attack in Libya is as ill advised and mismanaged as his Afghanistan Surge or his domestic stimulus-spending circus.Without the approval of the US Congress, President Obama sent 110 Tomahawk Missiles into Libya. President Obama’s claimed political goals were to force Qaddafi out of power. His words mean little, because almost everyone in the military world knows we cannot overthrow a government without troops on the ground.

In response to the Obama, Admiral Mike Mullen said, “Were only protecting civilians, and letting Libyans handle their own politics. This is a short mission”.In other words, the hawkish Democrats in Washington are at odds with the military commanders.

Hawkish leftovers from the Bush era like George Will, Rep. Jane Harmon, and the Council of Foreign Relations Chair Richard Hass claimed unanimously, “Bombing Libya is a dumb decision”.Yet, Obama continues to march on with one decision after another that is destroying the American republic.

What does Libya mean in the endgame? Stephen Walt asks “If we do go into Libya, and it ends up being harder than we think, and then something serious happens somewhere else (North Korea, the South China Sea, Sudan, the Horn of Africa, Mexico, etc.), what do we do then”?

No one has the answer for this very relevant question.

The only solution rests in our constitution. It is time to impeach Obama. The US legislature and judiciary branch should conduct hearings on the strikes in Libya, and his secret renditions in Yemen and Pakistan and bring back a constitutional convention.

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