Bloggers beware: You may be punk’d by the Pentagon

17 Mar | 17 March, 2011, 19:29

That annoying teen with a strange political bent on your blog may in fact be an aging US army sergeant spewing American propaganda, while also impersonating a 13-year old girl on your buddies Twitter.

A new US military spy operation takes manipulation to a new level, using social media to tackle the online world. America’s new ‘sock puppet’ software allows the military to simultaneously create multiple fake online identities to spread a pro-American message.

Nope, you are not being spammed. You have been targeted! You are so popular on Twitter, Facebook or where ever else you might spend your time online that the government wants to comment on your blog, many, many times to make sure their message is the loudest.

You can block them, report it as spam, but it will not work. The views will keep coming back. The military has awarded a contract to a California company to make sure of that.

The new software creates a super online persona management service allowing military members to control multiple online identities at once. The personas are generated to boast a convincing back story, a history and required supporting information. In addition, up to at least 50 controllers need to be able to operate their false identities from their government computers concurrently – “without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries,” of course

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